Rising Sun is pleased to offer an In-House Program that can be attended as a day program or clients can stay overnight. The program is aimed at assisting people to achieve a long-term alcohol and drug free lifestyle. Rising Sun Treatment Centre is a quiet, relaxed atmosphere where people can discover a new way to live, think, feel, and behave with respect for oneself and others. 

The program will run four days a week on Monday to Thursday, 10am to 3pm for a period of eight weeks. Services are aimed at achieving a balance between physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being. 

Culture is incorporated throughout the program. Clients will be out on the land, learning about medicine picking, survival skills, storytelling, cooking, and spending time enjoying nature. Our Elders and spiritual advisors will conduct the program out on the land as much as possible. 

This program is designed to accommodate clients who are prescribed methadone, suboxone or, sublocade. Clients must be stable on their dose for 4 months prior to starting the program.