Celebrating resilience, awakening the spirit, leading the journey towards healing and wellness.



Alcoholism has challenged the principles, values and behaviour of our people. The time has come for us to provide a responsible option to alcoholism. It is time to review our purpose and the meaning of our life as Indian People. It is time to intervene! – Roger Augustine



The Rising Sun Treatment Centre was established in 1988. We offer culturally-based programs that focus on an alcohol and drug free lifestyle in a peaceful family environment.

The Rising Sun offers a number of resources including:


  •  a recognized parenting program with a Registered Social worker
  • a psychologist that provides counseling and mindfulness based stress reduction,
  • a spiritual advisor that offers cultural teachings and,
  • medical professionals that cover a variety of medical issues.

We are here to


  • Assist in your personal, social and academic growth by empowering you with the skills and strategies that will ensure a successful transition to a drug free lifestyle.
  • Help you make a positive transition to a normal life while maintaining the best of your native culture by emphasizing harmony and balance in your daily life.
  • Help inform you about Native American history, culture and philosophies, and about your unique needs.
  • Serve as an advocate on your behalf during your time of recovery.