At Rising Sun Treatment Centre, we understand that addiction is a complex issue that affects not only the individual, but also their families and communities. Our harm reduction-based approach aims to provide individualized care for each person.

Our licensed mental health counsellors are on-site, twice a week to support clients through a range of therapeutic interventions (one-on-one and group sessions), our in-house Addictions counsellors include both the Seeking Safety program and Smart Recovery program in the daily sessions. In Addition, we offer a land based program which invites client to slow down to the pace of nature, build some outdoor skills and learn to be one with mother nature. The land based portion of our program adapts with the four seasons here in New Brunswick.

We have a beautiful 10-bed facility that offers a warm and welcoming environment where clients can connect with others on a similar path towards healing.

We have a gym on site for physical wellness and access to computers and tablets for educational purposes. Our Elders and knowledge keepers offer spiritual guidance and cultural teachings to our clients. Crafting sessions provide a creative outlet for self-expression and healing.

Join us for our 8-week Program at the Rising Sun Treatment Centre, where we believe that every person has the right to heal and thrive.

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